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What's Happening in Your Workplace?

"I'm being discriminated against."

Age, Race, Religion, National Origin, Pregnancy, Disability, Gender, LGBTQ

"I don't think I should have been fired."

Do you think you were wrongfully terminated? You might have a case.

"I was a whistleblower. Now what?"

The law protects whistleblowers. Let's talk about next steps.

"I need more severance."

A good severance package can help you move on. Was your offer fair?

"I'm being harassed or bullied."

You have rights and protections. Let's talk about what's happening.

"My company owes me overtime."

If you're owed money for overtime, let's fight for it.

"I need help with a contract."

We can revise or negotiate non-competes and all kinds of employee agreements.

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Discrimination is a big problem, and it’s not going away. If you can claim a protected status, you may have a case. Read more

Jackson Spencer Law

Wrongful Termination

If you were recently fired and are questioning the legality of your termination, we need to talk. Read more

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Retaliation Claims

Your employer can’t punish you for engaging in a legally protected activity. Know your rights. Read more

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Sexual Harassment Claims

A glance at today’s headlines tells you harassment is a huge issue. Let’s talk about what you’re experiencing. Read more

Woman confronting shadowy image of a large whistle, symbolizing whistleblowers

Whistleblower Cases

What can you do if you learn of illegal activity at work? Plenty. Learn about your rights — and possible rewards. Read more

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Severance Negotiation

If you were offered a package, was it fair? If not, we’ll help you fight for what you deserve. Read more

Jackson Spencer Law

Overtime and Back Pay

Not all employees are eligible for overtime — but many are. We’ll help determine what you’re owed. Read more

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Contracts and Employee Handbooks

Are you an employer? Handbooks and codes of conduct aren’t required, but they’re always a good idea. Let’s make sure you’re covered. Read more

We're here to help. Contact us today to discuss your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are laws in Texas that give employees rights and protections, but whether you have a case depends on the details of your situation.  Here’s the good news: your first step is easy. Fill out a contact form on this website or pick up the phone.  You can describe what’s happening, and we’ll ask questions to better understand what you’re going through.  If we think you have a case, we’ll discuss your options and talk about next steps.

Jackson Spencer attorneys are highly skilled at arguing for justice and negotiating with employers, so we’ll work hard to get a fair settlement for you. If your case needs to go to arbitration or be taken to court, we’re the legal team that will fight for you.

This is one of the oldest recognized communications protections, and it means you can speak freely and frankly to an attorney or prospective attorney about a case. If you’re worried your employer might retaliate against you for seeking legal advice, rest assured — there are laws to protect you from that, too.  Call us today for a confidential evaluation.

In most cases, fees get deducted from any settlement that is won.  That means you don’t have to pay an attorney up front to take your case or represent you in court. In some situations it makes more sense to hire an attorney by the hour — as for contract negotiations or employment counseling.  We’ll fully explain our fees during the initial consultation and will make sure you have all the information you need to move forward.

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    I would recommend this firm to everyone I would recommend this firm to everyone I Googled for the best Attorney for a Disability Act Suit and this Law Firm popped up first. I live in Granbury but wanted the best. Throughout the suit I dealt with a few awesome Lawyers and Paralegals and they were kind and understanding. I had never experienced having to do anything like this so they had a lot of patience with me and explaining. My hats off to Dimple, Lisa, Patricia, Neil, James Hunnicutt and especially Jennifer. I would recommend this firm to everyone!!!! Tonya Chambers Words cannot express how great they are Words cannot express how great they are I have never had a lawyer nor did I ever think that I would need one. I reached out to Jackson Spencer Law in early April. Ron Woessner took on my case, worked with me at numerous hours assisted me in my hearing for unemployment benefits. The integrity and value this firm holds is truly beyond amazing. After my hearing for unemployment benefits, Ron was amazing. With the information I had provided to him, he helped me win this case. I highly recommend the Jackson Spencer firm to anyone who needs help with employment discrimination or unemployment compensation. Words cannot express how great they are. They treat you as family. Thank you to ALL of you that have helped me at the firm. Especially Ron Woessner. You all have exceeded my expectations. From the bottom of my heart, thank you a thousand times. Larissa Swaren 10 out of 5 stars for Jackson Spencer Law firm 10 out of 5 stars for Jackson Spencer Law firm 10 out of 5 stars for Jackson Spencer Law firm. I had the honor of working with Neil Bridges and Jennifer Spencer and they were nothing less than exceptional. This law firm operates with integrity and has a high professional acumen. When I reached out to them about my case, they were very responsive and proactive. Jennifer immediately started working on my case and was very informative about the entire process. If you are searching for a reputable law firm that is committed to getting you results, I highly recommend Jackson Spencer. Job well done to all of you. :) Candice Booker Kind and respectful Kind and respectful Jennifer is an excellent and very professional lawyer. Her kind approach and respectful understanding puts you at ease and assist guiding you through the steps in resolving your case. She is humble and very kind in her approach and will prioritize your case as if you are her only client. Jennifer helped guiding me in getting my case resolved and I will gladly hire her firm for any future needs.   H.A. Exceeded my expectations Exceeded my expectations Jackson Spencer Law, specifically Neil Bridges, listened to my problem and addressed everything to my complete satisfaction both expediently and professionally. I could not have been treated better. The results exceeded my expectations.   Don Sagraves What any lawyer should be What any lawyer should be James is what any lawyer should be. He is professional, very respectful, caring, excellent listener and prompt. Assisted me with my case and guided me in the right direction to help resolve it. I would recommend and hire him again for any future legal matter.   H.A.F. Treated my case as their own Treated my case as their own I can't thank Jackson Spencer Law Law enough. They treated my case as their own, stayed in contact with me with the entire process and most importantly WON my case though it was a difficult one. I will MOST DEFINITELY use them again and refer them to anyone I may know or whose in need of a A++++attorney. Thank you! I appreciate you guys! They saved my life They saved my life I went to Jackson Spencer Law in desperate need of help. I was wrongly terminated from my previous employer and not knowing if they could help me or not. Contacted the firm and spoke with Patty, who is the intake specialist. Patty instantly made me feel comfortable, heard my concerns, then referred my case to Neal Bridges. If you are looking for a good firm that will fight for you, I strongly recommend Jackson Spencer Law. They saved my life.  Sincerely, Willow Frazier Making the world a better place Making the world a better place Knowledgeable and trustworthy! Neal listened to my concerns and took them seriously! A law firm truly interested in making the world a better place for all of us. Thank you guys so very much!   Pam Crockett Greatly satisfied Greatly satisfied This law firm did an awesome job supporting me through a crisis. Neal is great and so is everyone else. He gets busy but he will respond quickly to ANY questions that you have and explains everything piece by piece. Great lawyer, great law firm. If you need an attorney, call them I guarantee you will be greatly satisfied! Sharmaine Hall Kept me informed Kept me informed Neal Bridges kept me informed and abreast of all developments surrounding my matter. He welcomed my advice and input throughout the process.   Kevin Randolph Great communication throughout Great communication throughout Mr. Bridges and his team did an amazing job representing me. Great communication with me throughout, and I was never in a situation where I wondered where my case was! Thank you all so much!   Shane McMillian Special thanks to Jackson Spencer Law Special thanks to Jackson Spencer Law I would like to give a special thanks to Jackson Spencer Law for providing me with excellent service on my case. I needed representation back in April 2017. Now in March of 2018, my case has been settled. Thanks, once again. I would definitely recommend this law office. Gloria Smith Excellent, prompt service Excellent, prompt service Thank you for excellent, prompt service.  I will not hesitate to recommend you to others and use you in the future.   Peter Jang Top-notch Top-notch I used the services of this firm in the past and was extremely pleased with their results. Their staff is top-notch and results-oriented.     Thomas Boykin Jackson Spencer Law on my side Jackson Spencer Law on my side Very easy to work with.  After 21 years at the same company I was let g. From the first phone call to the last, Jennifer explained everything I needed to know at every step. Very thankful to have Jackson Spencer Law on my side!   Penny Smith More than fair settlement More than fair settlement Neal Bridges worked tirelessly to get my case won and to ensure I was offered a more than fair settlement.  I have no hesitation in recommending Neal or this firm to anyone.   Ashley Williams Took the stress out of my hands Took the stress out of my hands It was wonderful having Jennifer to represent me and take the hassle and stress out of my hands. From dialogue to negotiations to receiving payments, everything was taken care of. Very personable with a one-on-one approach, even answering emails and texts after work hours. Highly recommended!   Craig Burt So glad to find them So glad to find them Thanks to Neal Bridges for a great job -- he got me a fair settlement in a timely manner. He is a great attorney to work with. My family and I are very grateful for Jackson Spencer Law. Definitely five star service. I was so glad to find them.   Agustin Perez Excellent representation Excellent representation Excellent representation. They will fight for you! Vince Antonioli Very happy Very happy Very happy with how my case was handled. Neal Bridges was excellent! Pam Keuper Got the results needed Got the results needed I called Jackson Spencer Law for assistance with my legal issue and they were able to help me and my situation. They got me the help and the results I needed.   Ron Saenz 5 Stars 5 Stars I was referred to Jennifer Spencer from a well experienced friend of hers. She answered immediately. After informing her of my position she said she would take my case! I read all the amazing achievements and qualifications and was so thankful. I was blessed have her on my side. Through the entire length of the case she was in constant contact with me. In the final day of my case she won, and all the stress and anxiousness that comes with it was lifted!  The professionalism and the care for me was incredible! I will forever praise and tell the world about how 5 star Jackson Spencer Law is!!!! If you are in any need of a work-related case, look no further, they will take care of you and let you put your worries in their hands!!!   Coby AIIen Tough litigator on your side Tough litigator on your side I had the opportunity to meet with Senior Partner Jennifer Spencer to discuss business litigations, contracts and employment law. I highly recommend her and her team at Jackson Spencer Law if you need a tough litigator on your side.   William Hogsett Be treated fairly Be treated fairly I would recommend this firm to anyone who wants to be treated fairly. They are great.   Ida EagansBrown Recommend this law firm to anyone and everyone Recommend this law firm to anyone and everyone Mr. Bridges was excellent. Most communications were by email. Very respectful. Answered all my questions in a timely manner.  I would high recommend this law firm to anyone and everyone.  Thank you!   Donny Baggett Extremely pleased Extremely pleased I used the services of this firm in the past and was extremely pleased with their results. Their staff is top-notch and results-oriented.   Thomas Boykin AAAAAAAAAAAAAA+ AAAAAAAAAAAAAA+ Great firm.  Easy to work with AAAAAAAAAAAAAA+. Had a timeline to file and was in a rush and was taken care of without a problem.   Ron Hagolin 5 Star rating 5 Star rating Amazing job done for me. I recommend this law firm for everyone!! 5 star rating!! Thanks for a job well done!!!   Melissa Gates Settling with more than anticipated Settling with more than anticipated I had a wonderful experience with Jackson Spencer Law. I was updated in a timely manner with any changes.  We ended up settling with more than I initially anticipated.   Amber Flores Could not have been treated better Could not have been treated better Jackson Spencer Law, specifically Neil Bridges, listened to my problem and addressed it to my complete satisfaction,  both expediently and professionally.  I could not have been treated better.  The results exceeded my expectations.   Don Sagraves Neal Bridges was excellent Neal Bridges was excellent Jackson Spencer Law was very helpful, professional and patient in working with me on an employment discrimination situation. Neal Bridges was excellent in working through this and educating me in the process.   Trish Reyes Worked tirelessly to win Worked tirelessly to win Great firm with quick response times.  Neal Bridges worked tirelessly to win my case and to ensure I was offered a more than fair settlement.   Ashley Zwelling Williams Work around the clock Work around the clock Strongly recommended for anyone new or busy.  They work around the clock to make it easy to stay on top of the case.   Mike Hughes Received warm, respectful, and professional attention Received warm, respectful, and professional attention I was referred to Jackson Spencer Law by a mutual acquaintance and have been very pleased with every step of the legal assistance Ms. Spencer has provided. I received warm, respectful, and professional attention from everyone I encountered at the firm. Ms. Spencer’s knowledge and prompt application of the law to my circumstance produced the ideal and desired outcome in a succinct, effective, and financially appropriate way. I have retained other firms for various reasons and have had charges pile up needlessly and I can say honestly that this was definitely not the case with Jackson Spencer Law. I highly recommend them for outstanding service. Susan Lemons Above and beyond expectations Above and beyond expectations Jennifer and her associate, James Hunnicutt, went above and beyond expectations for me. They developed multiple strategies and pursued avenues I hadn't considered. They know the law and were amazing at the hearing, outshining the opposition. They had the opposition scrambling to gain a foothold the entire hearing. I'm a single mother and had been wrongfully terminated and denied unemployment benefits based on an unsubstantiated allegation that was untrue. I was online all night one night looking for an attorney to help me and had sent out email requests to multiple attorneys. The first call I received was from Jennifer herself, bright and early the very next morning. She asked numerous questions to clarify facts about my case, then told me she thought I had a case and she would be happy to assist me. I received calls from two other attorneys later that day but they didn't seem interested. One referred me to someone else who never called back. I hired Jennifer. Jennifer and her team really cared about me, not just about winning the case. I would recommend Jennifer Jackson Spencer and her team to anyone who needs an employment attorney. (see this on AVVO Reviews here) Liz I would be pleased to recommend Jackson Spencer Law I would be pleased to recommend Jackson Spencer Law Recently I was shocked by a decision the company I worked for made when they “realigned,” and my job of 19 years was eliminated. Mine as well as several others. It seemed as if many above a certain age had become victims of “ageism." I was not ready for a battle, but I felt I deserved better better coming to me under the circumstances. I was advised to contact Jennifer Spencer by a very good friend. I was so pleased Jennifer could help me because I live in Atlanta, GA, and did not know where to turn for legal advice. She understood my concerns, offered me excellent advice and proceeded to work with my old company's lawyer (and then another lawyer when we were re-assigned) to accomplish an agreeable severance package which allows for more breathing room for me and easily pay the very reasonable fees for Jackson Spencer Law. This all took place within a perfect time frame and I did not have to fly back and forth to Dallas. She stayed in close contact during the entire process. This was a painful event; the bonus for me was that Jennifer was able to work with a few of us together. Between Jennifer and my co-workers, I never felt alone. I am so thankful and am ready to move on. I would be pleased to recommend Jackson Spencer Law.   Cindy R. Employment discrimination assistance Employment discrimination assistance I was referred to Jennifer by a couple of people who recommended her for help with my Employment Law issue. I had been recently laid off from a company who told me they were eliminating my position but I found out quite by accident that my position truly wasn't eliminated, but renamed, and had been back-filled but someone who was younger and of a different race than me (I am over the age of 40). I originally went to the EEOC and they refused to help me so I called Jennifer to see if I had a potential case against my ex-employer. She agreed that I had a case and worked with me to write up a demand letter to my ex-employer. It took a couple of weeks to get a resolution made with my former employer and we were able to settle the matter out of court. Jennifer and her associate attorney, James Hunnicutt, were very responsive to my phone calls and questions and I would highly recommend their services if you're in need to assistance with an Employment Law issue.   Carolyn Highly Recommended Highly Recommended I was very pleased with the efficiency of Mr. James Hunnicutt. He took the time to understand my situation and provided the right counsel which resulted in a favorable resolution. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.   Victor S. I would recommend this Law Group to anyone I would recommend this Law Group to anyone I just want to say Thank You to Jennifer Spencer at Jackson Spencer Law for her help with a complicated case. The constant communication she had with me was exceptional. She made sure that I was kept informed and everything was going according to plan. I would recommend this firm to anyone.   Racheal N Jones Within two weeks the employer doubled their offering Within two weeks the employer doubled their offering I’m recommending Jackson Spencer Law for legal representation in negotiating a successful outcome for your separation agreement upon layoffs and workforce reductions.  The oil and gas industry has experienced dramatic reductions in staff across all sectors—operations, management, and service companies.  In such economic context, proving age discrimination for the middle aged manager becomes a challenge. My employer offered the minimum in severance and COBRA, and when I attempted to represent myself in negotiation, they stood firm on their original offer.  Within two weeks of engaging Jennifer Spencer and her able staff, the employer doubled their offering.  This settlement with extended COBRA brought much relief while the industry recovers and begins to rehire as commodity prices stabilize over the next year. The decision to retain Jennifer proved the best possible outcome.  With Jackson Spencer Law’s timely communications during critical deadlines, I experienced peace of mind and confidence in my counsel.     P. T. Significant Increase in Severance Significant Increase in Severance Jennifer and her crew at Jackson Spencer Law recently provided me with excellent legal representation in my transition away from my former employer.  Her counsel was both sympathetic towards me, and yet firm and assertive with the opposition.  She was able to significantly increase the value of the severance package that was offered by my former employer, while avoiding the need for an invasive, lengthy, and expensive jury trial.  She has my highest recommendation. MJA No Need to Look Any Further! No Need to Look Any Further! It is on extremely rare occasion that I affix my name to the worth, value, or quality of people, products and services. So when I do, one can rest assured that my signature was preceded by in-depth observation and analysis. During the spring of 2016, I found myself in need of a civil attorney to represent me in a wrongful termination/breach of contract matter. I ultimately settled upon Jackson Spencer Law. I completed the online request for information form, and I received a call from Jennifer Spencer within less than three business hours! Once we agreed that she would represent my case, I stood in absolute awe of how she handles business. Attorney Spencer committed to my case as though I were the only client she was representing. She was expedient and passionate in her dealings with my former employer’s attorney. Never for a moment did I have to wonder about the status of my case, because Attorney Spencer consistently kept me updated and in the communication loop. She asked for and valued my opinions, and she never assumed a patronizing or condescending posture with me. Because of Attorney Spencer’s commitment to my case, satisfactory resolution of my case came very quickly. I will (and have) recommend Attorney Spencer to anyone in need of an attorney who functions with excellence, integrity, total commitment, and a “don’t quit until you win” work ethic. Attorney Jennifer Spencer represents. No Need to Look Any Further! Patricia B. Compensated for the time and stress Compensated for the time and stress I was referred to Jackson Spencer Law by a friend and gave them a call with regards to an issue regarding employment and non compete laws. I was terminated in September by a my employer. Although I felt the termination was unfounded, my main concern was my non compete I had signed at the beginning of my employment. I knew I could find another position within my industry but my non compete would prevent me for gaining employment for a period of time. I spoke with attorney Neal Bridges and together we went over the details of my employment and termination, and he reviewed my non compete thoroughly. Not only was Mr. Bridges able to get me released from my non compete early, he was also able to get me a severance package due to unlawful termination issues as I am a female and over 50! I was very pleased to not only be able to get back to work in a timely manner but also to be compensated for the time and stress out in me by my unforeseen termination. Mr, Bridges carefully explained to me the process and kept me updated as to the status of my case and was able to resolve this without a trial and a long drawn out mediation, trial, etc... I would recommend Jackson Spencer Law and specifically Neal Bridges.   Melissa S. Went above and beyond to guide me through my case every step of the way Went above and beyond to guide me through my case every step of the way I was looking for a lawyer to take my case against my former employer when I found Neal Bridges at Jackson Spencer Law. Neal walked me through everything and was always there to answer any questions I had in a timely manner. He went above and beyond to guide me through my case every step of the way. Neal got me a fair settlement in a timely manner. I would recommend Neal; he is a great attorney to work with.   Tawannah P. I am so impressed with James Hunnicutt from the Jackson Spencer Law Firm! I am so impressed with James Hunnicutt from the Jackson Spencer Law Firm! I am so impressed with James Hunnicutt from The Jackson Spencer Law Firm! He is an excellent attorney! Having practiced employment law for two years when I was first licensed as an attorney in Texas, I was impressed with how quickly and effectively he produced better results than I was able to get. He was on my side and got me fast results that I wasn't expecting. I highly recommend him and expect that he has many more successes in his future for you!   Name withheld for privacy. Couldn’t Have Done it Without You Couldn't Have Done it Without You There are not enough words to thank Neal Bridges and this firm for getting a settlement from my previous employer. I know had I not hired Neal and this firm I wouldn't have had a positive result. Thank you so very much, Neal. Cindy S.  Thank you many times over!!  Thank you many times over!! Jennifer and Neal... Thank you both so very much for working to help me.  It can be very difficult to find your way after the loss of a job.  Not knowing your rights when it comes to terminations is frustrating. I thought I had no voice, but after finding you online...I felt a sense of hope. The best, most important thing you did for me was not the settlement you won, but that you listened to me. Thank you many times over!!   Hazel Mays
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