At Jackson Spencer Law, we’re proud of the results we have achieved on behalf of our clients. Below is a sampling of matters we have successfully resolved:

Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

• Client accused boss of sexual harassment over many years. Client received $359,199 settlement.

• Female client passed over for promotion despite being more qualified than male who was promoted. Client received $66,000 settlement.

• Female Senior Director terminated after 5 months of employment on the purported grounds of job elimination. Client received $240,760 settlement.

• Female employee was sexually harassed by boss. Client received $82,000 settlement.

• Female Vice President terminated for purported performance reasons after sterling three-decade tenure. Client received $147,124 settlement.

• Male Vice President replaced by less experienced female on grounds of “going in a different direction.” Client received $59,918 settlement.

Age Discrimination

• 55-year-old Vice President terminated after company closed her office and would not let her step down to lesser position. Client received $171,388 settlement.

• 54-year-old client was asked to “resign” to qualify for upcoming voluntary layoff severance package. Client received $73,586 settlement.

• 59-year-old client was subjected to age discrimination and terminated despite a 10-year successful career in sales. Client received $43,601 settlement.

• 67-year-old general manager was informed his position was “eliminated because of restructuring.” Client received $167,815 settlement.

• 45-year-old senior director terminated purportedly to “go another way.” Client received $102,127 settlement.

• 56-year-old was given double the workload of younger employees and then terminated after being put on a Performance Improvement Plan. Client received $63,716 settlement.

• 56-year-old’s position terminated in reduction-in-force. Client received $67,500 settlement.

Race and National Origin Discrimination

• Pakistani client terminated from position as vice president after being put on Performance Improvement Plan for vague allegations. Client received $107,323 settlement.

• African American terminated from position as officer of the company after filing formal complaint of discrimination. Client received $302,292 settlement.

• African American regional vice president was passed over for promotion on several occasions. Client received $166,999 settlement.

• Client of Korean national origin terminated by Caucasian of U.S. national origin with no reason offered for the termination. Client received $48,840 settlement.

Disability and FMLA Discrimination

• Client took FMLA leave and ultimately short-term disability. Advised there were no assignments available for him while he was on leave. Client received $48,520 settlement.

• Client under long-standing accommodations was then refused light duty work after taking FMLA leave and filing worker’s compensation claim. Client received $27,150 settlement.

• Employee with brain tumor terminated after he advised that he would be out on FMLA leave for surgery. Client received $101,550 settlement.

Whistleblower and Retaliation Claims

• Client terminated after raising Medicaid fraud claim. Client received $17,820 settlement.

• Client terminated after making whistleblower claim to OSHA for employer’s violation of the Surface Transportation Assistance Act. Client received $37,620 settlement.

• Client was terminated for refusing to complete a delivery route under unsafe conditions. Client received $30,000 settlement.

No Guarantee of Results

These descriptions are intended only to provide information about the activities and experience of our attorneys and should not intended to be a guarantee or assurance of future success in any matter. Each matter described was dependent upon unique facts and circumstances, which are not fully detailed on this website, and should not be relied on to predict the results of any current or future matter.

The outcome of every matter is unique and subject to multiple factors, including but not limited to, the applicable law, the skill and experience of opposing counsel, the specific facts and circumstances involved, and access to witnesses and evidence.

The settlement numbers listed above represent the total amounts that our clients received and do not include attorneys’ fees and legal expenses, which can vary from case to case.

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