Compensated for the time and stress

I was referred to Jackson Spencer Law by a friend and gave them a call with regards to an issue regarding employment and non compete laws. I was terminated in September by a my employer. Although I felt the termination was unfounded, my main concern was my non compete I had signed at the beginning of my employment. I knew I could find another position within my industry but my non compete would prevent me for gaining employment for a period of time. I spoke with attorney Neal Bridges and together we went over the details of my employment and termination, and he reviewed my non compete thoroughly.

Not only was Mr. Bridges able to get me released from my non compete early, he was also able to get me a severance package due to unlawful termination issues as I am a female and over 50! I was very pleased to not only be able to get back to work in a timely manner but also to be compensated for the time and stress out in me by my unforeseen termination.

Mr, Bridges carefully explained to me the process and kept me updated as to the status of my case and was able to resolve this without a trial and a long drawn out mediation, trial, etc…

I would recommend Jackson Spencer Law and specifically Neal Bridges.